Codewerx N20 Charge Pipe and Boost Pipe


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    The Codewerx hot side boost pipe connects the turbo to the Intercooler. It has a wider OD than the restrictive stock pipe and it’s made with high grade T6061 Alu for robustness.

    Key features:

    •  Matches well known industry Intercoolers like Wagner
    •  Silicone adaptor coupling included
    •  Retains factory style lock flange for quick on/off assembly
    •  Lightweight top grade T6061 Aluminum
    •  Increases throttle response
    •  Black anodized for increased tough resistance to knocks and dents not to mention the stealth looks
    •  Reduce turbo lag

    The stock N20 boost pipe (Turbo to Intercooler) is prone to boost leaks and its convoluted design results in ripples of boost resulting in a jugular flow.

    Our N20 Boost pipes have a larger OD and its designed with T6061 aluminum to provide a tighter fit, higher & smoother flow.

    Fitment wise - no issues with the CP pressing on any cable or tubes in the engine bay and we have feedback that throttle response is good.

    Made with 6061 aluminum, it is way more robust to take all that PSIs of pressure the turbo generates and reduce the common issue of bursting that occurs with the soft plastic stock ones from BMW.

    We have made it with a consistent larger diameter end to end. And removed the ripples of the stock CP for more volume and better laminar flow. It also comes with methanol ports for potential future upgrades.

    Compare the soft plastic stock CP versus our all 6061 CPs ....

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