NGK BKR6EK Spark Plug - Set Of Four (2288)


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The spark plug is crucial to engine functionality and without them, your car would be useless. As time passes, plugs can corrode and decrease your vehicle's performance. Don't let that happen, replace your spark plugs with a set from NGK.

NGK has been in the business since 1936 and they have been a world leader in spark plug manufacturing for years.

The spark plug is an electrical device that ignites the fuel that enters your engine, giving you power. Don't let dirty plugs hamper performance, replace them today with a set of four from NGK.

OE Numbers - 12129064619, 12129064617, 32025875, 101000051AA, 99917020791, 99917020490, 99917020491, 99917020190

This part fits the following vehicles:

BMWE30318iM42 1.8L
BMWE30318isM42 1.8L
BMWE36318iM42 1.8L
BMWE36318icM42 1.8L
BMWE36318isM42 1.8L
BMWE36318tiM42 1.8L
BMWE36318iM44 1.9L
BMWE36318icM44 1.9L
BMWE36318isM44 1.9L
BMWE36318tiM44 1.9L
BMWZ31.9M44 1.9L

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